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The only free exchange that gives you up to 6 visitors for each site you surf!
Build traffic from 15 levels referal system.
Commissions paid on request.

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6:1 FREE Traffic Exchange

Yes! You receive as much as 6 visitors for each site you surf.

Get free hits from your referrals on 15 levels.

Get commission from your referral's 15 levels.

Get 100 credits just for signing up.

Get 100 credits per direct referrals.

free manual traffic exchange

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     is the perfect tool to get your web site seen. Get new geo targeted visitors and raise your Return on Investment. Sell to people that have never seen your site before and are willing to pay attention to it.

       Our private messaging system permits you to communicate with other surfers and eventually join ventures. Free Manual Traffic Exchange is one of the fastest growing free geo targeted traffic exchange service. You get 2 full credits for each site you surf for a period of 30 seconds. Surfers can choose to use only 1/3 of a credit and surf for 10 seconds, so you can get as much as 6 visitors for each site you visit yourself at a 30 seconds time frame. We are also proposing a 15 levels referral system to help you build unlimited free traffic and income to any web site. Refer people to our free manual traffic exchange and let them build YOUR free web site traffic and income.

       We have been committed at helping webmasters since 1992 by providing free marketing and advertising. We have many successful programs online and today we want to present you a unique way to get paid to surf and/or get free traffic to any web site you may have. If you have a cause to help, a business to promote or a multi level to boost, free manual traffic exchange is the right tool.

       You may find lots of manual free traffic exchange on the web, but no one will ever meet for many reasons. We are professional programmers, so we deliver the very simplest and most efficient interface you have ever seen... Minimal publicity inside, no banner. Because we are professional marketers as well, we know what you need and helping you getting it is helping us achieving our own goals. You want traffic and money...

       With our free manual 6:1 geo targeted traffic exchange program, you just surf sites, cumulate credits that you assign to different sites of yours to be seen. 1 credit = up to 6 views. We are not only here to have our members to surf just to make your site's counter spins. We want to deliver you quality traffic, people that will take care to look at your site and eventually buy your product, sign up your opportunity or send money to your favorite cause.

       With our free manual geo targeted traffic exchange program, you can earn credits just by referring people, and you can also make an amazing amount of money, here's how: You sponsor people in and they will earn you free credits. You get 0.1 credit for any site seen by any of your referred members on 15 levels deep. That means that if you make an effort to sponsor only 5 and if every one under you does the same, you should receive hundreds of 1,000s of free credits every month. But that's not all!

       With our free geo targeted manual traffic exchange program, you also get 5% of all sales under you on 15 levels. Actually, 7.5% of our users buys traffic once a week. The average price is $12.95. We have products priced between $1. and $199. That means an amazing source of perpetual and residual income for your old days... think long terms... and sign up now.

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